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ISTA HASMARISNA ([personal profile] istahasmasaki) wrote2017-04-13 01:46 pm
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First is intro

Bcs new Livejournal policy, lotsa Arashi comms shifted to Dw. Think I hve no choice but to follow. So much for my fandom life #sigh. All for Arashi!!
I previously had Dw acc but I forgot the password so, welcome new acc!
Too bad that Dw don't have app for Android, guess Imma hve to count on Chrome.
And...... ofc I hve to re-enroll for everything. There goes my hardwork for LJ. Not that I'm complaining, but I have to be patient since there are comms tht put up requirements tht I have to fulfill first. So.... #crieshard
That's it... not bad for first post, eh? Considering no one will read this anyway haha. Cu, hve a nice day ^^